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Tuesday, 2 April 2013


Author: Bailey Vaughn

published: 18th march'13

publisher: NF  L LC

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 "Outsiders" is a young adult story about a small town that invites a group of foreigners, to the town, to teach them about their way of life in America. However, the newcomers aren’t all they appear. The main character, Hannah, falls in love with one of the "outsiders", and finds herself in compromising circumstances due to this forbidden love. Once the horrible intentions of the outsiders are revealed, Hannah must find the courage and strength to save her town

                                    MY REVIEW!

Looking at the given summary doesn’t always speak what resides inside the book. When i read the synopsis, i expected a lot, a very lot out of it, but sadly i was disappointed. The story was simple, fast, short, and non clarifying. It actually didn’t clarify what was happening. To me it felt like it was a small part of a huge book  about what wrong was happening in Patterson falls. There were no details, nothing that would actually made one wonder that  ah yes, this is possble, or yeah, this could’ve happened. The story was revolving hopelessly without knowing the actual path.
I expected a clarification, and i expected to actually believe that yes this is real, this might have happened somewhere. I am a believer, but i couldn’t believe in anything. I just felt this is not how the world works. The details were missing, and by details i don’t only mean about where they came from, why they did what they did, and how it happened but i mean that everything was sudden and clear. I really love when things are coiled, and while mentioning a love story, i starve for beautiful moments. The proposal, the cuddles, the beautiful time they would spend together, and the very sweet little romantic moments. To be honest i missed it, the very feel that they were in love didn’t touch my heart. I was not convinced that maybe what they had was true love, and most of all “ it didn’t make me think”.
Unfortunately, it didn’t reach to my expectations. The whole atmosphere was very light, and the book demanded intensity which was not provided. The theme when looked at was very good, but somehow it wasn’t at that level as i expected it would be. May be i expect too much, may be yes, but hey, what is the joy in reading if you don’t have expectations already. But i would say good try though. 


DISCLAIMER: author gave me a free copy of this book in exchange on an honest review. My review is in no way influenced by anyone/ anything

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