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Hello everyone I am  lasaki, for those who heard this name for the very first time, let me tell you it means " made of lac" and is one of the names of Indian goddess Sita.
Now,About me hmm.,
                 I am just a random person belonging to middle class Indian family, who lives life to the fullest and does a lot of things. I love reading books, blogging about them, watching movies, both hindi and english and blogging about them, playing games! blogging about them, exploredifferent traditions and blogging about them, blah blah blah!!!!
                   Basically i belong to 2 states of India. Andhra pradesh and odisha. both having a wide variety of festivals, beliefs, and culture, and yea, i get the best of both worlds, and i celebrate it!!

         Here i will write about my reviews of books i read, and those you must read too, experience about movies, my life as an indian youngster belonging to middle class family, and of course, some other stuff. so just enjoy!!!
                  I would love to tell you about my culture, so if you have any questions, feel free to ask it out!!


I am an all genre reader and reviewer except a few memoirs and self helps and yes erotica. I am adult and i am allowed to read erotica legally, its not that my family allows me to, but i don’t read and review it because many of my readers are junior to me and my blog is NOT age restricted,  so erotica is a big no.

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