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    There is one thing that is very clear, . I do not criticize anyone the author, book, song, movie or whatever i review about and i don't intend to as well. I just write what i think about the thing i write about. I dont publicly say its a bad thing or do not command anyone to follow or completely agree with what i say. They are my feelings thats all.
            If you are a publisher/ Author, i would love to review your book on my page. I prefer any format, as long as you send them via email :P

                   I am okay with all the genres, other than erotic, in pure form. My favorites are YA, fantasy, non-fiction, thriller and yea paranormal. I accept mangas too, and whatever you got, just bring it on :D.

       All review requests will have a guaranteed review on Goodreads and the blog unless otherwise specified. Please mention specifically about where you want and when you want the review about  your book. Otherwise I'll assume you only want the review on Goodreads and the blog and do not have a time limit . 
NOTE: I only give honest feedback and i do not intend to criticize anyone, but I cannot guarantee that it is completely 100% positive. My reviews include a  series (if any), title, author, release date, publisher, a summary (from Goodreads, the Publisher, etc.), review, rating, and a book trailer if any. 
    For now i rate with as total out of five points (which i will develop into something cool later).

"please also note that i ALWAYS finish books even if i dont like them with an expectation that it might get interesting in future, so dont worry, i dont review without completely reading a given book."

 Yes, i would also love to do giveaways, cover reveals, book tours, and even interview. :D
I read books and review them on basis of the FORMAT i have of them. The books will be queued accodring to the format given to me. And if i have no upcoming reviews on a format and i have 2 formats of the same book then i change the format. I try my best to finish reviews in time.

secondly, i also classify books according to their page number. If a book is long, naturally i will take a long time to finish it and so reviews will be a bit late(not very much) and they are classified in an independent group , THIS IS FOR pdf ONLY, unless the book any other format sent to me is too long

Short: upto 125 pages long
Long: 126 pages and above!   


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