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Sunday, 24 March 2013

Coming this week

I can’t believe it has been only 2 days I started this blog, I am so happy to get a lot of support from my friends! I have this week all planned up! So here is the list of my week’s plans!!

                         BOOKS HAUL:

this week I got the opportunity to read and review 2 great books which are so very interesting!

1st: Ed undead by Edward kent 
this story revolves around a teenager facing the zombie world. I have almost completed the book and review is up in a few days.

 2nd: slipping on stardust by Gordon osmond

 it is a great book about how the life of a small town is affected by the arrival of a hollywood superstar.

Really looking forward to reviewing these books. 
that's all plans for now, might add some more later!

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  1. Hi there! New follower. Your blog is amazing. You'll have to teach me some tips! :)


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