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Thursday, 22 August 2013


i have been inactive for like 2 months now, its not because i quit blogging or that i ever decided to do so. something unexpected happened, and it was hard for me to continue blogging. i can say that circumstances forced me to stop blogging and start working hard in real life. I failed my maths paper and had to give a re- exam to pass it. My parents were very disappointed and i was heartbroken to know that. i dont know why it happened or how it happened, what i know is that it happened and  i had to get out of the situation. i was a very good student but i think i went wrong somewhere and ended up like this. guess i forgot that there was life outside of books as well. well, i had a month to prepare and retake my exam and i did and got 95 out of 100 marks this time. i am very happy that i did. it was my last school year so i had to worry about my admissions too. that was the sole reason why i left or i can say took a break from blogging and even reading books and i am very disappointed on myself. i am sorry for what this caused to the people who trusted me and gave me their books, i am extremely sorry, but now i am back to business and i will try my best to finish up all the books due on me as soon as humanly possible! good day!

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