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Saturday, 24 August 2013


when we are kids, we are exposed to  the fairytales that make us think that a prince charming exist, but as you grow up you realise that that was nothing but a sweet dream which is no where closer to reality, atleast i have realised it. i am not saying that i dont believe in true love, infact it will not be wrong if i say that there is a part of me that still believes in true love, what i dont like is the complications that come with a relationship.
the kind of love i believe in is true, something that one doesnt care if the person you love loves you back or not, selfless love. it just happens, and you cant help it and you cant control who the person is thinking of whom makes you blush automatically, you dont get to choose looking at whom your heartbeat stops, some kind of love that doesnt care about who you are, how you look or anything, the person falls for you and you fall for him and thats it. you dont care what will happen, all you want to do is keep loving that person, even if the person cant give it back to you.
this is the brother sister duo, of sakura and toya. you will love them too!
that kind of love stories make me happy, make me attracted. however sadly i see very less books with that thing. 1st book was TALE OF 2 CITIES, a great classic by charles dickens, and there is this manga and anime CARD CAPTOR SAKURA. if you have not checked it out yet, please do it, you wont be disappointed.I will leave the link below to that both manga and series.(it is available in both english dubbed and subbed version but i will suggest you to go for english subbed, it has a better story than the english dubbed version which has cut so many scenes of cute love story!). That manga and anime has everything demanded. action, love, crushes, family relationships, how one should behave with their parents and what not. The love story that this  manga depicts is beautiful. it is young but serious love. i am telling you, go for it, you will see what it is! another essential part of it is the relationship between yukito and his best friend toya, i know you will love it too!
more description might become spoilers, so i leave it to you!
this picture is of sakura and syaoran, this is when sakura cries because she confesses to someone else and he declines, syaoran knowing that sakura loves someone else, keeps loving her and even tries to console her!

now for the links
for the manga (if you are big at reading!):http://www.mangareader.net/185-12345-1/card-captor-sakura/chapter-1.html

and the series, that i highly recommend( japanese with english sub): http://www.animeseason.com/card-captor-sakura/

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